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Paul Thompson 250 kg Deadlift


Paul is the master personal trainer of Iron Underground, Brisbane and is widely experienced in his specialty. Having been in the industry for nearly a decade he has trained, designed training programs for and written customized eating plans for thousands of people from the everyday to the competitive athlete or figure competitor. Paul has also spent thousands of hours in the gym under the iron himself - so he also speaks and knows from personal experience.

Some of Pauls best strength efforts include a 260kg Deadlift, 200kg Squat, and a 140kg Bench - 600kg Total within Powerlifting Australia (IPF) - competition meets.

He has excellent client retention for his great ability to get results when conditions are less than ideal and train around many types of injuries or inconveniences. Having worked his way up from several large chain health clubs and various other personal training facilities he decided to open his own facility catering for the serious trainee wanting more. The same type that over his career found themselves training with him, and remaining with him getting leaner and stronger, creating the physiques they want.




Paul is a highly qualified personal trainer with the following credentials:


  • Level 1 & 2 Charles Poliquin International Certification Program (Strength Coaching)
  • Powerlifting Australia member
  • Experienced Competitive Powerlifter with 7 IPF/PA meets under his belt
  • Silver Medalist - 2011 State Powerlifting Opens (RAW under 93kgs)
  • Bronze Medalist at the Matti Tikka Powerlifting Challenge 2012 (RAW under 93kgs)
  • Ranked in top 10 (8th) in Under 93kg RAW Weight Division in Australia -  Powerlifting Australia (IPF)
  • Formally Ranked 19th across all weight classes Australia wide according to the relative strength (wilks) calculator - Powerlifting Australia (IPF) - 2011
  • Head Coach of the Iron Underground Powerlifting Team
  • Bio-Signature practitioner
  • Certificate IV in fitness
  • Certificate in Exercise Nutrition
  • Registered Fitness Australia Business
  • Registered Fitness Australia Professional
  • years plus experience in the industry
  • First Aid Certificate


MOBILE CONTACT : 0422 671 661 EMAIL:


TRAINER - Graham McDonald


TRAINER - Natalie Salm


TRAINER - HadynScott

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